My expertise is Transformational Thinking.  I use Martial Arts concepts to help young people make the transition from school to the workplace, and first-time Supervisors shift from employees to Leaders. 

Here is a short (less than three minutes) demonstration video/testimonial of "Martial Arts In The Workplace":

I'm a Black Belt in Kajukembo, a former manager of businesses from manufacturing to Radio (both corporate and "mom and pop" operations), and have been performing music and comedy for over thirty years on stage and in Radio.  I feel strongly that my combination of business experience, Martial Arts "mystique" and Entertainment value will place me in a rare position to be of useful service to young people and the businesses that hire them.


I would like to gratefully acknowledge my Instructor, Master James Cox of Premier Martial Arts.  He's been a friend and Mentor for over twenty years, and I strongly encourage anyone in the Big Country area to enroll, and particularly enroll your kids.  In my opinion, having Mr. Cox in your child's life is the single biggest advantage you can give your kids.  His Abilene number is (325) 676-2696.